Use the combination of Messenger- Ecommerce products and take your business to greater heights

Within the last few years, online shopping has become the preferred choice for a large section of people. This is owing to the convenience that it offers. Thus, businesses have the opportunity to grow by using ecommerce to their benefit. With the option of the messenger- ecommerce products, you now have the chance of taking your business to the next level.

The messenger channel is meant to enhance the feasibility and convenience that ecommerce provides. Currently, nearly everyone who has access to the internet has a Facebook account. People log on to Facebook daily. If you sell products on Facebook messenger, you have more chances of getting satisfied customers who would look forward to dealing with you again.

A bit about messenger channel and ecommerce products

If you use the messenger channel, your products are added to the menu. Your shoppers then have the option of making their purchases as they chat with your Facebook page.

Your customers can direct any questions they might have about any product on the messenger as they browse through the online store. They can also opt to get order status updates on messenger. This makes your shop credible and trustworthy for those who are dealing with you for the first time.

To use the messenger for ecommerce products, it is vital to have a good ecommerce platform on your side. You need to ensure that the platform you select has advanced features that will give your business a boost. With Shopify, you can be confident that you will get everything you need for the success of your business.

Using Shopify, you can fulfill the messenger orders easily. Furthermore, tracking Facebook sales to keep tabs on the progress of your business also becomes easier as the sales channel overview and the analytics carry the information.

Create a bond with your customers

When you use the messenger channel for ecommerce products, you have the opportunity of creating a personalized relationship with your customers. You can indulge in real conversations with them wherein they present their queries or concerns about any product and you address or guide them accordingly.

With Shopify, you also get to send customized automated messages to your customers. By editing the automated messages, you can give these chats a personal touch that the customers can relate to.

Once the messenger channel is added to your Shopify account, you have the control of not only editing the messages but also customizing how the button of Message us looks.

How to customize the messages?

The customers get updates about order confirmations and other details on messenger. These messages, albeit being automated can be customized by accessing the customization page found on Shopify.

However, keep one thing in mind. If a messenger greeting has already been set on Facebook, the customers will not see the greeting that is set on Shopify. For this, turning off the Facebook welcome message is mandatory.

Some simple steps have to be followed.

-Access the messenger via the Shopify admin.

-Opt for the customization page where you will find the section of message templates. You will see options of all the templates including order confirmation, shipment out for delivery, welcome greeting, product messages and more. Find the template that you want to be customized and click on it.

-You can now access the Edit message page. Enter whatever you want the automated message to carry.

-Once you are done, click on the option of Save and your work is done. Your customers will not get the customized messages from your messenger.

Customizing the messenger menu

When a customer initiates a conversation on your messenger, a menu is displayed. You can customize this menu to opt for something more relevant for your brand.

The default menu has the options of view website, shop now and learn more. The titles of these options can be changed. You can also decide when the link of view website should be enabled or disabled. The settings for these buttons can also be customized.

-To do this, use your Shopify admin to open the messenger.

-Click on the option of Customize Menu visible in the menu section of the messenger.

-You can now make the changes you want. The title of the button can be changed by entering your desired text in the name fields of any of the buttons.

-You can enter the URL in the Website link field to direct the page to your site.

-A custom message section is present in which you can enter the text to send automated messages to your customer.

-Unselecting the boxes of any of the options like the custom message or visit website link will disable them. However, disabling the “shop now” button is not possible.

-Once you have made your desired changes, click “save” and you are done.

Using the button of Message Us

On Shopify, if you use the messenger channel, you also have the option of adding the option of Message Us to the online store. With this option, your customers will find it quite easy to contact you via Facebook messenger.

However, keep in mind that your Facebook page is published. If it is not, while your customers might initiate conversations on the online store via the Message Us button, you cannot respond.

Final words

The world of messenger and ecommerce products is quite lucrative. You can use this opportunity to increase your sales to a large extent.

However, to do so, you need to have a reliable ecommerce platform on your site. This is where you will find Shopify to be of immense value. Before signing on for the messenger channel to send the ecommerce products, ensure that you read all the terms and conditions and are well aware of the eligibility criteria.

By the option of sell on messenger, you manage to provide optimal convenience to the customers which also creates brand awareness. Do not miss out on this opportunity and ensure that you use the feature to its full potential.

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